Kaunas - Lithuania's second largest city in the central part of the country, at 
the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris. Kaunas city in the central part of the
 country, the capital is located about 100 kilometers from the country's largest port 
of Klaipeda - 212 kilometers. Kaunas is located in the main Lithuanian transport crossroads.
 An important industrial, transport, scientific and cultural center. Temporary capital 
accounts for about 14 percent. Lithuania all economic activity generated by 11 percent.
 GDP. Kaunas are easily accessible by various means of transport priemonėmis.
Kauno city center is located in Kaunas International Airport, developed railway infrastructure.

        Construction - an integral part of any country's economy. 
The construction sector contributes to GDP and employment levels 
increasing and is an important driver of economic growth. Kaunas 
city construction company works carried out within the country and 
only a small part by the outside. According to the number of employees
 in Kaunas construction companies are small and medium-sized.

         Kaunas construction companies performed works worth a total
 volume of construction works of the country in 2000-2001. accounted 
for 15.3 to 16.3 percent. 2002: LTL 2003. after 9.4 per cent., in 
2004. - 10.6 per cent., In 2005. - 10.3 per cent., In 2006 - 2007. 
after 10.4 per cent., in 2008. - 8.6 per cent., In 2009. - 7.3 per cent.,
 In 2010. - 7.6 per cent., In 2011. - 9.6 per cent. In 2012. - 10.5 per cent. 
In 2013. - 9.8 per cent.

Kaunas projects find many under development projects in the most popular Kaunas districts:
 Center, Old Town, Žaliakalnis aleksotas, Vilijampolė, Eiguliai, kalniečiai, šančiai,Šilainiai, 
grove, Vijūkų, Romainiai, Vaišvydava,  Garliava, poderiškės, Ringaudai, Domeikava,
 Sargenti, Vytenis and Užliedžiai.

          We can offer you is just beginning construction or already built, new construction
 of houses, apartments, cottages or developed plots. You can buy the partially finished or 
completely finished.

         Individual projects have different layouts, different materials used, and places.
 Project manager numapasakos details about the project and its advantages.

         At present, developed a well-known projects such as: Potters House, Romainių alley
 Grove Cottages, Grove apartments, Užusalių Quarter, Piliuona plots Poppy House, 
Sargėnų cottages Domeikavos cottages xerothermophilous cottages Officers house 
Linkuvos Quarter, Pilėnų house Noreikiškių Semi-detached , Aleksoto villas, 
houses Garliava, Narsiečių cottages, apartments Highlander and many others.